Your boss has decided that the time has come for office relocation. Whatever the reasons for making this decision, moving office takes a lot of time, planning and organisation. It also has a great impact on employees, too. In order to make the entire transition as smooth and stress-free as possible, it is required that you take part in this change and complete your tasks timely and responsibly. One of the tasks employees are required to take care of when moving office is packing up their personal items and their desk. Here are a few simple tips that will be useful when preparing for a move.

Make informed decisions

As soon as you find out about the move, make sure to talk to your employer to learn more about plans or restrictions, if there are any. To avoid unpleasant surprises and mistakes, consult your boss before you make any important decision, including what documents should be moved, what you should do with old furniture or files, what you should pack and what to leave to pros, and other. Also, make sure you are familiar with how big the new office is so you can make plans that include organising the space, packing your personal items, etc. You can also get information about the new office and find out if there will be a kitchen, for example, so you can pack your tea kettle and cups.

Take inventory

Before you start to pack, it is essential that you take inventory of all equipment, supplies and furniture in your office area or cubicle. This will help you create a moving checklist. As you write down the items, you can record the condition of furnishing to decide what to move and what to leave behind. After you have your checklist, you can help your boss to proceed with planning the removal.

Pack your desk

Even though your employer will hire a reputable office removal company in London to relocate the office hassle-free, you will be responsible for packing your own desk. To limit disruption to business operations, you will first pack non-essentials and leave items and files you will need for the day before movers will arrive. First, empty drawers and declutter supplies. Assuming you know what the size of a new space will be, you will determine what to take with you. If you are required to do so, pack your:

  • computer
  • fax machine
  • phone
  • scanner
  • photocopier

If not, your task is to back up all the files and data before the move. Hopefully, professional movers will take care of this task. You can also coordinate your move with IT professionals to avoid damage to your expensive equipment.

Pack your personal items

When it comes to packing and moving personal items, it depends on how much room will you have at your new workplace. If you are planning to take your pictures or plants with you, then you need to know if you have enough space for them. Also, it is recommended that you move your personal items by yourself instead of leaving them to professionals. This way you will ensure that nothing gets lost or damaged.

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