Renting a properly in London isn’t as simple and straightforward as you may think. Even if you have found the perfect unit at the best price, you must convince the landlord that you are a reliable tenant who will pay the rent in time and take good care of the property. The easily way to prove your merits is to present the following documents.

Passport or driving licence

Both documents have a photo of you and this would be the easier way to prove that you are the person you claim to be. Just make sure that both are valid because if their date of expiry has passed you may make a bad impression.

Official letter addressed to you

UK driving licenseWe are living in high-tech and digital times, so fake passports and driving licences aren’t that uncommon, especially in the property rental industry. Complementing the above mentioned documents with an official letter addressed to you that is dated within the last three months is the best way to verify that you are who you claim to be. Such letters can be utility or tax bills, university or army enrolment confirmations, professional certificates, diplomas and etc.


If you aren’t a British citizen and you aren’t originally from a country which is part of the European Union, you must absolutely present a copy of your visa. This way you will showcase that you have entered the country legally and that the British authorities have given you permission to live and work in the United Kingdom. Failing to present your visa, you raise certain red flags and you may be treated as an illegal immigrant which will cost you a lot of headaches.

Proof of employment

Landlords are reluctant into renting their properties to unemployed tenants. By proving that you are working you will add weight to your application and more importantly you will show to your potential landlord that you have a steady income and that you will be able to pay your rent. You can use the following documents to attest that you are currently employed:

  • Signed letter from employer
  • Employment contract
  • Company credentials
  • Pay slips for the last three to six months
  • Tax return forms from the last year

Readiness to move in

If you have already booked a man and van company that provides office and home removal services in London, you can show the signed agreement in order to displays your strong desire to rent the unit and your readiness to move in as quickly as possible. This will not only prove your seriousness but it will also be another official document that confirms your identity and financial capabilities


References can’t do any harm. In fact, they can only bring you benefits as they will attest for your personality and dependability. This is why you should present references from your current employer, friends and colleagues, and last but not least your former landlord. After all if a fellow landlord speaks highly of you, you won’t have to do much convincing from then on.