Most people make the common mistake of thinking that property removals are simple and easy tasks which can be completed quickly, without any additional effort and with the lack of any planning. This attitude often backfires as their moves convert into tiresome and laborious jobs which consume not only their time and energy but money as well. So, play it safe and make sure to properly organise your upcoming relocation.

Two prior of moving

Man and van companies are extremely busy, especially during the weekends, spring and summer. So it would be for the best if you book professional moving services as soon as possible. This way you will have the peace of mind that you won’t have to carry out your property removal on your own.

40 days prior of moving

Contact your landlord if you`re a tenant and inform him that you will be moving. This will give you both enough time to arrange all the end of tenancy details such as the execution of your end of lease cleaning duties, property inspection, return of security deposit and etc.

One month prior of moving

Get in touch with your utility provides (telephone, cable television, internet, water, electricity and so), personal physician, bank clerk and veterinarian, and notify them that you will be changing your domicile. This will give you the opportunity to:

  • Transfer your utility account to branches that are closer to your new home
  • Transfer your bank account management to a nearby office of your bank
  • Obtain referrals from your doctor about reliable and qualified physicians in your area
  • Obtain referrals about reputable veterinarians clinics in your area

When you contact all the above mentioned institutions and professionals, make sure to collect all your personal records and medical documentations.

20 days prior of moving

Purchase packing materials from the moving company that will assist you with your relocation and commence packing your belongings. Start with your non-essential possessions such as books, CDs, off season clothing, bed linens, decorative items and etc. It would be preferable if you take with you only object which you absolutely need and get rid or donate the rest. The easily way to decide which items you will be taking with you is to think when was the last time you have used a particular object. If it was over six months ago, then you can do without it.

Two weeks prior of moving

ScheduleCall the movers which you have booked and arrange the final details of your property removal. Also cease doing the groceries and start eating the food that you have stocked in your home. Last but not least, put in a request to your employer for leave of absence, so that you can be present during your relocation

One week prior of moving

Finish the packing of your belongings, dismantle your larger piece of furniture (you can request assistance from the moving company if you lack the tools), make sure that you have donated and thrown away the object that you won’t be taking with you.

Day Of Move

Make sure that the movers have an easy access to both parking lots and properties. If you fail to provide an unrestricted access you will be charged additionally.