Post-relocation depression can be caused by a number of different things but in most of cases, it comes as a direct result of homesickness. Moving and then realising that you are missing something about your old home or your old life can make you feel sad and spoil all the fun that a house relocation can be. However, do not fall into that trap. Instead, view your ex-home as an ex-partner. Just like there are steps you can take to get over a break-up, there are things you can do to get over your old home such as:

  1. Returning back your daily schedule as per usual
  2. Getting out of your comfort zone
  3. Exploring your new district
  4. Relying on the support of your friends and family
  5. Reminding yourself of why you’ve moved
  6. Welcoming this new stage of your life with open arms

Go through each and every single one of these steps and by the time you reach number 6, you will no longer cry over your old house.

Try to follow your normal routine

There is no denying that moving to a new home is a big deal and a huge change. Getting used to it takes time. But you can speed up this process a bit if you stick to your usual daily routine. Set your alarm for the same hour as always, do your cleaning chores following your old schedule, etc. That will minimise the shocking effect that change may have on you.

Do things you have never done before

Having a well-established routine that works for you is good. However, make sure you mix things up a bit too. That will prevent you from comparing your old home to your new one. Now is the time to try new foods, take up a hobby, travel and just do things which you did not get to do when you were living in your previous house.

Get to know your new area

If you miss your old neighbourhood, go on an exploration trip around your new area. We bet that you will discover many fantastic things about it – new restaurants, quirky shops or simply locals who are friendly.

Turn to your family and friends

Change the feeling of loneliness by staying in regular contact with your friends and family. Let them be the common denominator for your old and new homes.

Remember the reason behind your decision to move

If you were perfectly happy with your previous living arrangements or house, you would have stuck to them, right? You moved for a good reason. You just need to remind yourself of it whenever you start regretting your decision.

Embrace the clean slate you have been given

Make the most out of this situation. You have the opportunity to start anew and spice up your life a bit. Don’t waste it – embrace it!

Any change, no matter how radical or conservative it may be, is easier if you go through it carrying fewer things on your plate. That being said, you may find it easier to avoid post-relocation depression and homesickness if you use professional moving services such as inexpensive piano removals in London. Do that and you will be able to focus more on yourself and your emotional wellbeing.

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