Antiques and furniture are among the two most difficult things to move during a house relocation. When you combine these things into one, the situation can become quite nerve-racking. The removal of antique furniture pieces is a task that must never be underestimated. One wrong step and you can damage your valuable possession or, what would be even worse, you can injure yourself. Moving antiques is no joke because these items are often:

  • Very delicate
  • Incredibly valuable
  • Quite old
  • Bulky and extra heavy

If you want to handle the removal of such items without any specialised assistance, you should at least get your antiques insured. Also, you need to follow our comprehensive antique furniture moving guide.

Packing stage

To successfully prepare your old and collectable furniture pieces for transportation, you need to use three layers of packing. The first one is for basic protection. For it, you will need to wrap the item or items in safely covers or blankets which you should then secure with plastic wrap. Do not pack your antiques in cardboard boxes. Instead, put them in hard crates made from wood. Place cushions or more blankets around the piece once it is in the crate. That will serve as a vibration and shock absorber.

Handling and moving stage

The most important rule you need to follow when you reach this point of the relocation is to take things very slowly. Even if you are moving behind schedule, do not be in a hurry when you are handling or loading your collectables. Be extra careful.

Clear the path to the moving vehicle

Take the shortest possible route from your doorstep to the transit vehicle. Garden tools, vegetation debris, snow, puddles – remove any obstacles from your path. Otherwise, you may easily trip and damage the furniture piece.

You won’t be able to do it all by yourself

We have some bad news for you – unless you are dealing with an antique cricket table, chair or some other small and light furniture piece, you will not be able to complete this task without some extra pairs of helping hands. Therefore, try to recruit some of your friends or relatives to come and help you out.

Rent moving equipment

Even if you have the whole family helping you out during the relocation, you will also need to use specialised removal equipment such as trolleys, belts and furniture pads. By doing so you will not only be able to easily lift your precious antiques but to also do that without injuring yourself. Consider renting these tools from a local removal company because buying them can be expensive, especially given that you won’t need to use them on a regular basis… or ever again.

Lift don’t drag

Do not, under no circumstance, drag your antiques when you are moving them. That is unless you are ok with scratching your floors or damaging the furniture piece itself. Use furniture dollies if the item is too heavy or bulky.

If all of that sound like too much work to you, rely on effective antique removal services in London. A team of licensed and renowned movers will be able to pack, lift, load and transport your precious collectables because they have the necessary experience, training, tools and manpower for it.

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