In an attempt to reduce their moving costs, a great number of people these days prefer to rely not on full removals but on self-service moves in which they hire equipment and a vehicle from the moving company instead of booking an equipped team of movers. In other words, if you are in the process of moving business and you cannot afford to opt for an all-around office removal in London, you can simply rent a transit vehicle and handle the packing, van loading and everything else by yourself. But picking a moving truck or a van is not a simple job because you have to choose from many different sizes and models. Also, you need to carefully check the features of the vehicle to see if it is safe, well-maintained and fully equipped. Some of the must-have extras of a reliable transit van are:

  • A van ramp
  • Liftgates
  • GPS tracking systems
  • Underbody truck boxes
  • A smooth floor
  • Twin side doors
  • Swing rear doors

If the moving van you are eyeing to book lacks even one of these features, either look for a different vehicle or ask the relocation company to give you a discount because the safety of your possessions and the success of your move will greatly depend namely on them. Time to see exactly why that is the case.

Van ramps

There are different types of van ramps and the most popular of them are the so-called walk ramps. With them, loading the vehicle is less risky and much faster. A quality ramp also has an anti-slip design which will prevent you from slipping when the weather is rainy or snowy.


When you need to load heavy and really bulky furniture pieces or appliances into the moving vehicle, you will benefit from using lift gates. These are hydraulic platforms that can raise large items from street level to the level of the truck without the need for extra manpower.

GPS equipment

Even if you know how to get from point A to point B, having GPS on board the van is always helpful. That is because it will help you reach your destination faster and avoid traffic congestions.

Underbody truck boxes

You can rent various professional removals tools from your movers such as dollies, straps, ropes, etc. However, if you do not have where to store them, they can take up a lot of space in the truck – space which you can use to pack more items in the vehicle. With an underbody box, you will not have this problem because you will be able to put all of these things there.

A smooth floor

Check the flooring of the van to see if it is smooth. There should be no protruding screws, gaping holes, etc. Otherwise, you will have a harder time pushing large items to the back of the truck. What is more, your belongings are more likely to get damaged during their transportation if the floor is not even and well-sanded.

Large doors

Swing rear doors offer easy access to the loading space and even very sizeable pieces can fit through them without a problem. As for twin side doors, they will allow you to have access at any given time to the items at the very back of the vehicle even when it is fully loaded.

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