No matter how difficult it may be to plan a home move, you will get things through the very end one way or another. Still, sometimes one is forced to cancel a relocation for one reason or another. As the saying goes “man plans, God laughs.” The most common reasons why house moves are postponed or entirely cancelled include:

  • Unexpected financial setbacks
  • Failure to find a new place to move to
  • The sale of your house fell through
  • Job transfer has been cancelled

If you too happen to be in a similar situation in which you need to put your relocation on hold, you are certainly feeling under a lot of pressure right now. Relax and take a deep breath in because stressing over it will prevent you from staying focused. Here are some of the things you need to do if you need to cancel a relocation.

Postpone or cancel completely?

Regardless of what has affected your decision to pull the plug on your move, consider whether you will be able or willing to get back to it in a week, month or in a few months’ time. It is important that you figure this out now because the next few steps listed in this article depend on your answer to this question. A postponement means that you will simply need to ask everyone involved in the process to cut you some slack, so to say, and to reschedule the moving day. If, however, you are not intending to relocate in the foreseeable future, you will need to take more drastic measures.

Who do you need to contact?

Delaying a home relocation, usually means that you need to inform a ton of people about those recent developments. Nope, we are not talking about calling your friends and family although that too is not a bad idea, especially if you have asked them to assist you with the planning of your move. There are several institutions and companies with which you need to get in touch immediately.

Your moving company

The sooner you reach your movers the better because many removal companies have cancellation charges. Cancelling at the last minute will mean that the fees you will need to pay will be even higher. Even if you have not booked the movers for a full house relocation but only for a hassle-free piano removal in London, for instance, you will still need to let the pros know that you need to cancel or reschedule your move.

Real estate agents, landlords, potential buyers, home sellers…

No relocation means that you will neither sell/vacate your home nor will you buy/rent a new one. Share this news with anyone who will be affected by your decision such as the people to whom you were planning to sell your home or your landlord, real estate brokers, etc. Hopefully, you have not finalised your lease termination or property sale/purchase yet. If you have you will need a new plan of action. Maybe you will need to stay with a friend for a while or to find a new buyer/tenant for the property to which you were planning to move.

Utility providers

If you want to continue to live in a home that has electricity, water supply, gas, etc., inform all your utility providers about your cancelled relocation. Again, you may be forced to pay some steep fees but this is the price of postponing a move.

Your local council

Unless you were about to move within the same London borough, you will also need to contact your local council. Otherwise, you will end up paying taxes for a different area and that may result in more fees.

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