Just like organised removal companies in the English capital provide a vast array of moving services that vary from small and student moves to end of tenancy cleaning and speedy eBay deliveries in London, the Big Smoke offers a long list of housing options to its inhabitants. The most common types of properties you can find in the capital of the UK are:

  • Terraced houses
  • Flats and other purpose-built homes
  • Detached houses
  • Semi-detached houses

They each have their advantages and disadvantages which you need to consider well before you move to London.

A terraced house

If you want to live in the more central parts of the city, in an area that has a tight-knit community, you should consider moving into a terraced house. Most of these properties are located in or around the city centre because they were quite popular during the 19th century. Therefore, the farther you go from the city’s heart, the harder it will get for you to find a terraced home. Since these houses are set in rows right next to one another, you will not feel isolated. Another great advantage you will enjoy if you pick such a home is a lot of space. The downside is that maintaining a terraced property in London is more expensive because most of them were built decades ago. Also, they are pricy to rent and buy and even if you can afford to live in such a house, you will need to compete against many other renters and home hunters because the demand for terraced homes is always high.

An apartment block home

Flats, maisonettes, duplexes and other purpose-built properties in the Big Smoke may be an excellent alternative for those of you who cannot afford a terraced house. That is because they too offer a tight-knit community living environment and many are set in densely populated parts of the city. Even if these areas are not located in the city centre, they tend to offer many amenities and services which can be found there – excellent public transport link, a wide selection of restaurants and pubs, access to good schools, etc. Plus, they will not require too much maintenance because they were mostly built within the last couple of decades. At the same time, however, they are much smaller compared to a typical house (not just to a terraced one). If you are a tenant, you may not be allowed to share the property with a pet and to also comply with a long list of other rules.

A semi-detached house

The semi-detached housing trend came much later after terraced houses. That is why most London districts in which this type of properties is predominant are often sitting in the outskirts of the English capital. Therefore, they usually go hand-in-hand with a poor selection of amenities and local services and a long commute to work. On the bright side, semi-detached homes are more spacious compared to flats and much cheaper than terraced houses.

A detached house

If you can afford to invest in a terraced house and you feel that you can appreciate all the extra space and the blast-from-the-past architectural style that they offer but you are seeking to escape the city’s noise, traffic and smog, a detached home will certainly work for you. They are mostly found in London’s suburbs and they are rather big in size with plenty of indoor and outdoor space.

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