If you have zero experience planning and handling a domestic relocation, you are probably going around and asking your friends and colleagues to give you useful moving tips. The thing is, you are probably getting the same pieces of advice from all of them:

  • Schedule your move in advance
  • Start planning early
  • Hire professionals
  • Don’t take over-the-phone quotes

While these tips are indeed valuable and they can make your relocation smoother and more effective they are also the first thing that will pop up on the Internet when you type in “moving home tips.” We have something much better for you – the best-kept moving hacks that you can use today.

Reduce your moving costs – opt for a mid-week relocation

Nowadays, you won’t struggle to find a qualified man and van in London or an experienced team of certified movers who take on bookings seven days a week. This is great news if you are only free on weekends and holidays. However, keep in mind, that scheduling your relocation on a Saturday or a Sunday will cost you much more than if you opt for a mid-week move. Under mid-week, most removals companies understand any day between Monday and Thursday. This is the least popular time of the week for domestic and office relocations which means that you won’t be charged too much. What is more, some moving firms even offer mid-week discounts to their customers.

The greater the weight the smaller the size of the box

Don’t underestimate the importance of small moving boxes. Most people do and they stock up only with mid and large-sized cardboard boxes. However, the latter two options are not suitable for the packing of heavy items. Such goods should always be packed separately and, when their size allows it, in smaller boxes. Otherwise, you will struggle to carry them around. Also, if you stack too many heavy items in one box, it may easily tear when you try to lift it.

Ask your movers for a binding quote

A common practice among professional moving companies is to offer free no-obligation quotations to their clients. That is great if you are only calling them to see what kind of rates and deals they are ready to offer you. However, if you have set your mind on hiring the given team of movers, you should require a binding quote. In that way, the price you will be given prior to your moving day will be the one you will be asked to pay in the end.

Don’t mix rooms

The best packing system which you can use is not to pack items from different rooms in the same box. Avoid doing that and your unpacking experience will be much more pleasant since you will not have to spend ages wondering what goes where.

Pack a survival kit

We have saved the best best-kept moving hack for last – prepare a survival kit. This is a bag or a box which you will fill up with essentials that you will need on your moving day or on the first day and night after your relocation. Those include some cash, toiletries, mobile phone chargers, keys, important documents, etc.

Now that we have passed you the torch of knowledge, make sure you use it wisely and pass it on to others who are about to move home.

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