The rise of modern technology has created a new category of nomadic people – the so-called digital nomads. Those are individuals who:

  • Are usually self-employed
  • Leverage the power of the internet and technology to work
  • Can do their job from almost anywhere in the world
  • Enjoy travelling regularly

If you are a self-proclaimed digital nomad, moving has turned into a lifestyle for you. Maybe you travel from city to city or maybe you visit different countries every few months or weeks. Every digital nomad is different. Even if you have been leading this way of life for many years now, we bet that you learn new things about digital nomadism almost on a daily basis. To further expand your knowledge on the topic, you should look at the way old-day nomadic people and tribes did it.

Avoid the bad weather

Nomads in Mongolia exist even to this day and they tend to move twice a year. Once in the summer to avoid the heat and once in the winter (or shortly before its arrival) to avoid the cold. As a digital nomad, you can too follow this strategy and choose your next destination based on the current weather conditions or season. In that way, you will never have to deal with freezing temperatures or scorching heat.

Never hold on to clutter

Avoid spending money on things you do not need. The nomadic way of life does not mix well with material possessions. The fewer personal belongings you have the better because that will allow you to easily move from place to place. Stick only to the necessities. So, while it is true that you can easily find top-notch IKEA furniture delivery and assembly services in London, dragging such bulky possessions with you everywhere you go is never wise.

Invest in a spacious vehicle and quality suitcases

Nomadic tribes may not have a lot of belongings but they do rely on some personal mode of transportation such as carts, canoes, horses, camels, etc. Therefore, if you are taking shorter trips (e.g. exploring different cities in the same country or content) it would be a good idea to buy your own car. If you are not willing to give up on trips across the ocean, you should at least invest in quality and durable suitcases and bags.

Don’t do it alone

Having someone to share the experience with makes it even more unforgettable. Living on the go is fun and exciting but, sooner or later, it turns into a very lonely activity. Nomadic people of the past were never bored or lonely because they travelled in big groups or even in tribes. Well, you do not need to recruit a dozen of your friends because even having just one person by your side can make all the difference.

Learn from the experience

Moving home is stressful even if you do it every few months. No matter how experienced you are as a digital nomad, it still takes time to get used to your new surroundings. A good way to make this experience more fulfilling and stress-free is by viewing it as an opportunity to learn and expand your horizons. Old-day nomadic people collected knowledge from every person they encountered on their way and every place on which they set their foot. So, the moment you start planning your next move, focus your attention no so much on mundane tasks such as packing and decluttering but on the new fantastic things you will get to see and experience.

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