Going to college is great as you will commence a new chapter in your life, move out of your parent’s house and become independent, and get to meet new people and make new friendships. But before your adventures commence you must handle your relocation and as simple as it sounds, it isn’t. This is why we have decided to turn your attention towards a step by step tutorial for people who are moving to college.

Step 1: Check your paperwork

Make sure that your personal ID, college acceptance letter, dorm room assignment confirmation and other important documents are in check before you pack your belongings and move. If necessary contact your college and ask whether you will need to present any additional paperwork.

Step 2: Contact your roommate and coordinate

Unless you are assigned in a single room, you should absolutely contact your roommate and talk about the room’s layout, the items that you will be bringing in order to avoid the doubling of similar objects. You can also talk about decorations and other ideas that will make your dorm room more cozy and welcoming.

Step 3: Filter your belongings

Keep in mind that your dorm room will most likely be smaller than your expectations and therefore that it won’t be able to accommodate all your possessions and memorabilia. Gather all your belongings and sort them into the following piles:

This will not only facilitate your relocation but it will also allow you to have free space for the new things that you will acquire during your time at college.

Step 4: Move in early

Don’t wait until the last minute to relocate. Instead, move in early and avoid all the hordes of people that will be running up and down carrying heavy boxes. By getting to college a few days earlier you will also give yourself to thoroughly explore the campus and your new surroundings and therefore know what is where.

Step 5: Hire professional movers

College applicationYou can drastically ease and speed up the execution of your move by using professional home removal services in London. By working with seasoned movers you will have the peace of mind that all your belongings will be carefully packed, loaded and transported. Furthermore you won’t have to carry heavy boxes up the stairs as relocation specialists have the right tools to swiftly solve this otherwise exhausting conundrum.

Step 6: Organise a farewell party

Once you have everything set up, host a farewell party and take your goodbyes with your friends, former classmates, neighbours, relative and last but not least your parents. Make sure to have a good time because it will be months before you see them again.

Step 7: Don’t fight the picture moments

Your parent will most likely accompany you to your dorm room and will want to take a few pictures about you making your first steps as an independent person. While it may be awkward it would be best if you don’t fight these moments as in time they will become one of your favorite framed memories.